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Our service is led by higher education and essay writing specialists

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of college admissions backgrounds from top institutions

10+ Top Universities

our students have gotten accepted into top universities


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Our mission is to optimize our student’s college application submissions so they can maximize their admissions results. 

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Our students have gotten accepted into top universities including: University of Pennsylvania, Yale, the University of Chicago, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Emory, Pomona, and more.


We specialize in resume building, essay writing, and student profile branding.

Resume Building

Before diving into the core of the college application, we first need to understand and construct the student’s resume.

This is done by carefully analyzing and consolidating our student’s background.

The resume will be organized in a clean, professional format that highlights a student’s strengths and unique experiences.

Our essay writing offering focuses on delivering a strong, individualized essay that stands out to an admissions officer.

More often than not, applicants submit generalized essays that admissions officers can easily distinguish between essays that are specialized.

We aim to tell the right story that demonstrates a student’s fit with the specific college and major they are applying to.

We not only seek to demonstrate the student’s interest in a college, but why the college should be interested in the student.

With our experience and expertise, students will feel confident that they are putting their best foot forward.


Student Profile Branding

We work hand-in-hand with students to craft a personal brand strategy that brings the student’s story to light.


By highlighting strengths and consistency in experiences, our students will leave a strong impression on admissions that increases their chances of acceptance.

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