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College Students


Our students have gotten accepted into the world's top universities


Our service is led by higher education and essay writing specialists with 6+ years of college admissions backgrounds from top institutions.

Our clients have received acceptances into top universities like: University of Pennsylvania, Yale, the University of Chicago, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Emory, Pomona, and more.


Our consultants graduated from top tier post-secondary institutions, worked in admissions, and have obtained first-hand insights into how colleges identify and select candidates.

Our mission is to optimize our student’s college application submissions so they can maximize their admissions results. 


We specialize in resume building, essay writing, and student profile branding.


By first taking the time to understand the student, we are able to craft a tailored personal strategy for each student we work with.


With understanding of the student’s background and goals, we leverage this information to help create a unique, impactful narrative that stands out in their resume, essays, and other application materials.

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